Ghost touch on ELAN touchscreen [TP410UAR]

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  1. System: Windows 10/Linux/BIOS
  2. Battery or AC: problem occurs only on battery
  3. Model: TP410UAR
  4. Frequency of occurrence: 1-2 times per second, most recently once a minute and less
  5. Reset OS: Yes (windows) but it occurs also on bios and linux
  6. Screenshot or video: i have link but can't add here


Detailed description:


2 months ago the screen on my laptop started flickering. This occurred only on battery power. I returned it to the store where I bought it for repair. The store sent it twice for repair and recently I got it back (motherboard replaced). Unfortunately, there has been a problem of strange spontaneous touch screen presses (ghost touch?). I have noticed that this occurs less and less often but it is still a problem.

Is it possible to disable touch in screen(touch alone)? Preferably at the lowest possible level. Because this problem appeared during startup and even in the bios. I can survive without the touch but if ghost touches continue to appear I can't stand it mentally.

Please help! Thanks.


  • Hi there,

    Can you record a short video of the issue if possible?

    And please share your product SN in the PM I send you.

    Thank you.

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