Not able to view my wired (HDMI to VGA) secondary monitor display in laptop(ASUS TUF GAMING F 15)

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  1. System: ASUS TUF GAMING F15
  2. Battery or AC: BOTH
  3. Model: FX506LI_FX566LI
  4. Frequency of occurrence: FROM STARTING
  5. Reset OS: DONE
  6. Screenshot or video: LINKED BELO


Detailed description:

I have attached my old monitor (which worked on my old hp laptop) to this new laptop and it was detected, but there was no display of any sort in my monitor.

It is showing that iam connected to another monitor and as i take screen shot im able to see both the screens but somehow my laptop is not able to power the monitor i guess.

if i remove the hdmi and insert it to old laptop it worked fine


  • Hi there,

    Can we have the monitor brand and model?

    Have you tried to adjust the resolution?

    Also, does the issue happen under Win10 as well?

    Thank you.

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