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Hello everyone

I have the "Camera cannot flip" problem on my Zenfone 7 fimrware M3.35.19.19 Tequila 001522 Camera motor version 21020901

Tried removing the case, cleaning the sensors and still the camera won't move even when I calibrate the flip motor or when I gently press the rotation function at the camera app

Please Any help is greatly appreciated


  • Please note that:

    1. I do not have any covers on, or screen protectors with dust etc. I cleaned the whole surfance and tested again, to no avail

    2. I tested the Proximity sensor and it works fine (performed SMMI Test via the calculator app and input .12345+= )

    3. Camera never flips , neither with Asus Camera app - or any other App and shows the message camera cannot flip or "Please make sure there is nothing obstructing the camera and then try again"

  • Hi @analema

    The message you are getting normally only appear when the proximity sensor is covered or dirty and then it shouldn't flip.

    Here are some trouble shooting steps you can try:

    1.I will recommend you to clear cache in camera app and system wide.

    2.If this doesn't help then you could perform a factory reset. Keep in mind to back up your data before performing factory reset.

    3.If after this tips your camera error remains then you should contact your nearest Asus Service Center to get your device check.

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    Hi Irene2_ASUS,

    thanks for your reply

    I tried cleaning of the sensor and the factory reset (Solutions 1 and 2)

    Then I contacted the ASUS support in Japan and they refused to provide service because my phone was purchased in Hong Kong

    I wouldn't want to ship my phone back to HK for revision and considering that ASUS is an international corporation I cant understand the attitude of the service department

    Thanks anyways

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