I believe I discovered the USB mode failure cause.

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    So recently my USB has not been working and if it does it's intermittent on the Kunai Gamepad 3, with my ROG 5. While paired in Bluetooth mode, it showed under my settings as the proper identification as a Kunai Gamepad 3.

    However, when getting USB to work briefly, under settings it was listed as Kunai Gamepad 2, not 3.

    THAT'S the problem. ASUS updated my firmware with the WRONG FIRMWARE!

    (controller firmware) left stick 3.3.3 and right stick 3.1.0 versions.

    Bluetooth version is 3.0.8


    Give us Kunai Gamepad 3 owners the CORRECT firmware update!!

    I paid a LOT of money for my set-up, and fixing this problem, is not only the right thing to do, it's better for everyone.

    Please someone at ASUS, drop whatever insignificant "perk" update you're working on, AND FIX THIS ISSUE PLEASE.

    Sincerely, ROG user. Chris.

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