Volume slider is stuck adjusting in-call Volume ROG 5

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This issue came up a few hours ago today, where my phone thinks that I'm on a call and only adjusts the in-call volume whenever I use the hardware buttons to turn the volume up or down. I have to go into the audio settings and manually slide the required volume whether it's for media, notification or ringtones. And restarting the phone doesn't help since the problem gets fixed for a few seconds and then reverts back. I have disconnected my Bluetooth headphones although I haven't used them with my phone in over 24 hours. I tried using wired headphones but the issue remains. Is this a common thing? Is there anyway to fix this bug without factory resetting the device?


  • Which firmware version are you on?

    It could be from new update

  • This is my current firmware 18.0840.2109.188

  • Update:

    The audio problem has gotten slightly more complex. While watching videos the audio my phone is outputting is weird as if the audio is coming out of a speaker phone call. Furthermore, the same happens even when I connect my headphones both wired and bluetooth. Finally, oftentimes it happens that sound gets fixed during a media playback but only for a second and then the video will pause after which when I press play again the sound goes back to being weird and bad.

  • You dont have Alibaba or Aliexpress Apps? I have a similar problem and when i uninstalling that apps the sound works fine...

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