A wonderful UI/Profile/Armory Crate update.

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  • I just wanted to let someone at ASUS know, that I appreciate the recent update. (11/08/2021)

    It made the different profile settings more interesting and more animated.

    Easier to get/see important info.

    This set up I believe is much better.

    Thank you ASUS.

  • Yeah. This look is beautiful. Just notice this today with your message. Kodus for Asus

  • Indeed. I like the new look/feel as well.

    I'm glad to help. 👍

  • Can you please tell me changes in new update??

    Can't understand what were you mentioned?

  • The description says it optimized battery and battery features.

    And if you go to the Armory Crate and look under the "Console" tab at the bottom, the screen showing your user profiles has changed. (Advanced, Dynamic, Ultra durable, etc)

    Also your phones important info like ram, rom space, etc has changed. It's at the top.

    The whole section has been given a new look.

    Selecting profiles (advanced, dynamic, etc.) Also has animations.

  • @chriscarus46 Just keep in mind that App version was the default one for 5s/5s Pro devices. They just gave the 5 models the same app.

    So not especially new in that manner... That's why 5s users won't notice any difference.

  • I don't see what's wonderful about it since it probably impacts the necessary corrections and the addition of security packs, when we don't have the human means to do everything, we prioritize stability and safety before the look

  • Only UI change but thermal performance still a trash

    They need to do something to reduce this phone heat

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