The one-handed mode has been broken for a few updates

I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this issue because I found no threads discussing it.

With the default gesture-based navigation one-handed mode no longer works, the only solution that I found is to turn on the navigation buttons. Attaching a clip showing the issue.


  • I'm on button based navigation because gesture based navigation by google is broken by design and conflicts with chrome by google super handy back/forward gestures.

    OnePlus 6 gesture navigation was so much better. But with newer phones they adopted google approach and that effectively made me drop gestures at all.

    I tried it on Zenfone 8 and it's the same old story...

    While this certainly won't help you with your problem, it might explain why there are no bugs reports. Maybe gesture based navigation is not that popular after all.

  • I use gesture navigation since day one and never had a problem with one-handed mode.

    Have you tried to check/adjust settings again for one-handed mode after enabling gesture navigation?

  • I tried different combinations, like turning the one-handed mode off, turning on the navigation bar, turning on the one-handed mode and going back to gesture navigation, repeated it in all the different orders, but nothing worked. The moment I turn on gesture navigation, the gesture for one-handed mode stops working. It used to work without any problems, but a handful of system updates back it just stopped.

  • Works fine for me

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