The one-handed mode has been broken for a few updates

barrettgoatbarrettgoat Level 1
edited January 7 in ZenFone 8

I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this issue because I found no threads discussing it.

With the default gesture-based navigation one-handed mode no longer works, the only solution that I found is to turn on the navigation buttons. Attaching a clip showing the issue.


  • I use gesture navigation since day one and never had a problem with one-handed mode.

    Have you tried to check/adjust settings again for one-handed mode after enabling gesture navigation?

  • I tried different combinations, like turning the one-handed mode off, turning on the navigation bar, turning on the one-handed mode and going back to gesture navigation, repeated it in all the different orders, but nothing worked. The moment I turn on gesture navigation, the gesture for one-handed mode stops working. It used to work without any problems, but a handful of system updates back it just stopped.

  • Works fine for me

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