Battery Drain issue on ROG 3



  • I mean, i get it that background work you're talking about, but there are only 2 options in my eyes:

    1- EXACTLY after the asus update ALL those apps started SIMULTANEOUSLY to drain the battery in background like three times more than before

    2- the asus update is the problem

    Because, as i said, those apps were on my phone even previously without any restriction, but the battery could do 12hr of screen... Also, going to the battery use page, instagram+fb+messenger are not even to 5% of battery consumption... And i have (always since i have a smartphone) the location off, so it cannot be anything related to that... I get your point, but there are too many clues that point exactly to the same update as a problem, and there are even multiple users with those exact same problems... I'm no expert, but for me this is quite clearly a problem related to a software update

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