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Hoping for better software experience and new features in the next update...

Asus should work on their software development and remove bugs and glitches.... Revamping the UI like Samsung's OneUI will be nice...

Because let's get straight..... On the hardware experience/performance, Asus Sucks big time... I used Asus MaxPro series, Zenfone 6/6z and now ROG phone 5... They all have hardware issues which make me feel regret about my purchase... I buy asus to support my favourite brand but for how long!

Please improve you software: suggestions-

1) more is not always merrier... Provide coustomizations that are useful... Like change in accent color, shape of icons, theme customization

2) Add 3rd type of navigation bar (gesture navigation) like it was in Zen UI

3) Completely revamp your UI like One UI and remove bugs which are usually alot in Asus Software

4) add some low ended animations in the call screen as there is in Oxygen OS

5) please rectify issues with ROG 5 fingerprint (slow as a snail) most of the times it doesn't read at all....

6) what's with the wifi/data issue in the ROG 5 (showing connected but not able to access internet or takes time to access) had to restart occasionally to make it work.

Ps- phone doesn't feel premium in hand (should have adopted Rog 5 Ultimate asthetics for all 3 versions of ROG 5)


  • hope they fix it or not. Updating the UI overall is cool not using google dock UI is good. This issue is annoying wifi and hotspot for over 4 month i'm looking this forum... making i'm not trusting ROG Phone 5 again. Also planning to buy this phone but after looking this forum I regret not to buy it.

  • So don't buy a Rog 5 or any other special gaming device, asking yourself the exact opposite of what a gamer expects from a gaming smartphone, (except player stability)

    The most stripped-down interface possible, the non-preinstalling of software that is of no use to a gamer is what a gamer expects.

    Do not give a damn about RGB, interfaces from other manufacturers which are the source of 90% of the bugs and your request for a geek flasgrip, there are more than a thousand on the market.

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    I really hope they don't change the interface of the device... I want a clean Android with Asus features such as Armory Crate, Game Genie and certain battery functionality.

    But I don't want bloated firmware / ugly interfaces such as Samsung, Xiaomi has. Thank good they keep Android UI mostly stock except for their Themes which are optional.

    If you want to change your UI you can always install a custom launcher or a custom ROM (as soon as they are available)

  • Hi,

    Appreciate your feedback.

    Please post any new ideas, improvements, feature requests etc, here:

  • I never said Asus should change the whole interface.. actually interface is one of the reasons I like to buy Asus. I just said, it would be nice to add couple of features from their (samung/oneplus) interface. U should read what features I suggested...!

  • @ZT-7f9ab711 I read your post and you said " Completely revamp your UI" -> revamp user interface or "Revamping the UI like Samsung's OneUI will be nice" -> I don't want to have a UI like Samsung has.

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