GPS issue

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Before you ask anything, yes I'm on the latest firmware and yes, I have recalibrated my GPS on Google maps like 3 times already.

Idk why, but the Zenfone 8's GPS is hands down the worst I've ever seen 💀 like bro, I'll be driving down the highway at 70mph and boom, it'll suddenly show that I'm not even on the highway no more and tell me "It's looking for the satellite".

I live in Vancouver Washington which is near Portland Oregon so ik for a fact I don't have a connection issue. Connection is great here.

And like I said above, I've recalibrated my phone multiple times within the Google maps app.

Idk man, this phone has been nothing but disappointments. When I get a phone, I want a phone that's 100% ready and wouldn't make me run into any bug problems. I understand 100% is not always possible, so I get that. But damn, this is only 1 out of like 20 other issues I have with this phone 😂



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