Safe to upgrade to Android 11 yet?

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hey guys, i'm on the Tencent version of the ROG 3 and I haven't updated to Android 11 yet. Kinda operating by the axiom that if it ain't broken, don't fix it. The phone is running fine now and I don't wanna mess it up. But it would be nice to upgrade to Android 11 too. Any lingering issues from the update? Thx.


  • no problem with A11, you should update as soon as possible to improve the security of your smartphone.

  • Thx for your feedback. Does anyone else have other comments?

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    Also I'm still waiting on android 10 to see if Android 11 solve more bugs, so more feedbacks would be nice;)

    Security is not a main issue, I'm more afraid of bugs than being hacked, which would still be a very very unfortunate and rare event on a phone, it's android 10 then not the 8...

  • I, from my experience, have no problem. Everything is going quite well, it does not crash or restart. It is quite stable and also the battery works very well. The only unsolved problem is the color bands, as we all know. You should have no doubts about updating, it is safe, stable and works well. Hope my advice helps you. Greetings!!

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    I've been on Android 11 since release, and the only "issue" I've encountered is the app switcher/Recents animation is sometimes slow to load (however, tapping the Recents button a second time switches me back to the previous app immediately anyways)... Seeing how I haven't seen anyone else mention this before, it might just be me and could be fixed with a system restore.

    Other than that, just the screen calibration issue (which is likely outside of ASUS's control anyways, which has been discussed ad infinitum).

    It's been a pretty smooth ride for me. Do note, though, that I DON'T have Tencent Games model, so I'm able to get OTA updates without issue. Cross-flashing might have issues, since you're using software not intended for that hardware.

  • Upgrade it

    It's fine the first time A11 update for this phone launched

  • Thanks guys, appreciate you taking the time to write your feedback

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