Happy Zenfone 8 users?



  • My experiences after using this phone since May:


    Perfect size and weight for everyday use. Really fast (try x-plane in high res...). Incredible beautiful and at the same time powerful audio system, perhaps the best available (try listening to good recordings of classical music, itˋs amazing). Display is absolutely fine, regardless of chosen resolution. Clean UI without annoying bs. Battery is okay for me, takes me through the day easily, fast charging even at low power settings. Notification LED, headphone jack, AND IP 68 water resistancy are the features I was looking for.


    Minor issues: Only 3-color-LED. Why not RGB/multicolor? Used this with my former phone to identify the source of incoming msgs by assigning different colors to different apps. No way to physically connect the phone to an external monitor bcs usb is only 2.0. The phone is definitely powerful enough to be used as a desktop unit when connected to bt keyboard, mouse, and, yes, an attached external monitor (I was able to connect my 2015 phone via mhl...). Menu language problems: sometimes painfully inaccurate transscriptions into my language, doesn´t look like premium or flagship.

    But...there is a really big major issue, call it ramdump or sudden overnight death or whatever. This sucks. I have to rely upon my phone. I have to be available during several periods day- or nightime, because of my profession. So Iˋm carrying a second phone for this purpose now. What a shame.

    I donˋt blame ASUS for this flaw. This could happen to any company. But I really do not understand why ASUS does not react with providing an official statement to their customers. Moreover, a statement might not be enough. An apology is what I am missing. And a reason why I should use ASUS products in the future.

    Choose wisely.

  • Pretty happy with mine, coming from a Pixel also. Wish it was a few mm smaller though, but I am using it with the supplied case.

    Photos are of good quality and the ultra-wide camera is very decent. I used GCam for a while but the improvements seem minor (to me), it does provide more vibrant colors though.

    I had a connectivity issue that seems to happen getting rarer and rarer. Since not many people complained about this it must be an issue with the software or modem on my unit.

    Fingerprint sensor is meh, but ALL fingerprint sensors work like this for me, including the pixel one.

    Battery life is ok and improved after a few updates.

  • I am definitively more and more curious about what the "black friday" will say in my country.

    I like the fact that it is the most compact "flagship" phone actually

    My own xperia xz1 compact is more and more dying (last week felt on the ground, now the last 10mm of the touchscreen don't work anymore, and have to use simple control to use the 3 buttons 🙈), battery is getting bigger and bigger, screen is completely falling apart (battery pushing it from inside) causing the light sensor to not be correctly make its check, so listening to a voice message is now a nightmare, also speaker don't work correctly anymore and some small other things.

    i also have a samsung S8 for work, which is almost same dimensions outside as the ZF8, and actually i feel it is already like too big for me, and the more i use it, the less i like their UI, so i won't choose samsung at all.

    I am used to choose a powerful phone, like top of the line, because "normally" it should be good for the next 3-4 years, this reason points me to buy actual top phones and do exclude many others.

    In its time the sony i use now was flagship of sony and got it now about 4 years ago. Memory 32gB and 4 of ram is getting more and more difficult to be useful.

    the 300 $ (more likely 400 right now) less in price compared to the only competitor i see (sony 5 iii) , is still convincing me more to go the asus route than the ramdump is making me think about not going.

    Fingerprint is something i will probably never use, so, no problem by my side about that, but thanks for sharing.

    All of your toughts are good inputs BTW, i see many ideas and well, you are helping me a lot in the choosing.

    Now as used to, i will go check the ramdump thread 🙈👍🏻

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