Rog 5 not charging

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 5
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: 100%
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): no idea

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Can anyone please help me . I have no idea what happened my phone was working fine till yesterday and today it stopped charging. It was on charge now for 4.5 hours yet still it’s draining from 20 to now 3%. Please help


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    I am charging with the original charger but it still doesn’t charge. Changed cables, adapter but nothing woks. And now the phone is shut off completely not even the charging light on top left is working. Please help

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    DId you try the side port too to see if you get the same problem?

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    Leave it on charge for a few hours and see otherwise I would recommend going to service centre.

  • i am from Sydney there’s no service centres available here. I don’t know what to do now.🙁

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    If none of them works, Asus does not sell a Smartphone and does not have a service center, you must contact the seller, hoping that you bought it less than 6 months ago and that this seller is serious.

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    I bought it 3 months ago and I have contacted the company and raised a ticket. Let’s hope this will solve soon. And one more question. Does issue like this happens a lot in asus or am I the lucky one? And is it safe to go with asus in the future?

  • There have been several instances where the charging circuit has likely burned out.

    In recent weeks, several cases like yours and / or relating to charging, the smartphone no longer charges, the led does anything, the smartphone indicates that it is charging but does not do it, it no longer charges with some chargers that were not a problem before (these chargers work well on other smartphones). In short, hardware problems and now a lot of software load problems, arrived with the .176 update and maybe with the early .151 where I saw the first ones.

    I remember that when there is a major hardware problem on a series, the ASUS support policy is disastrous and unpleasant. (Wifi and Rog 5 hotspot), (Ramdump, Rog5, Zenfone 8).

    For flashgrips, the choice is important, no smartphone is immune to a hardware problem and especially software, we must therefore examine how the manufacturer's support works rather than the characteristics, Asus certainly does not come out on top. .

    For the Games game, the number of manufacturers can be counted with the fingers of one hand and no smartphone meets the specifications of a hardcore gamer. The Rog 5 seemed to me the most suitable but after 4 months of use it is not that.

    there is too much negative point.

    The snapdragon gets too hot and the fan has been removed from the package, at the cost of the rog 5 it's petty.

    No keyboard / mouse / hdmi etc. desktop accessories.

    No bonus gamer content worthy of the name.

    No SdCard, redibitory, I will have to stick to my specifications and not ignore the presence of a sdcard.

    Screen with rounded edges, it's fashion :( but here the curvature is XXL and it's really annoying for use in games)

    It lacks two frequencies, a 30 fps for autonomy, a 90 fps for a large number of games.

    The announced Battery of 6000, in fact 57xx and no concrete optimization since the release, or 7-8 months

    The multitasking mode with 2 applications on the screen which is the Android standard (only one active application), Samsung and Xiaomi do better, it is really possible to have the 2 active applications.

    The notification LED which will have been extremely useful for absolute emergencies configurable for one or more correspondents / phone number, this lack of configuration forces me to have 2 phones, or I deactivate all notifications and I miss the emergency, either the notifications are active and it is impossible to play.

    And finally the stability and the speed of the corrections, it's not really bad but it's still insufficient

    Conclusion, is Asus to recommend, as a multi-purpose smartphone, certainly not the Rog5, as a gaming smartphone, there is none on the market according to my criteria. But I must be the only user with several smartphones, one for current use and a dedicated game that should replace a PS5, Switch .... but that doesn't exist yet.

  • Thanks everyone for your support. Especially fun bikes for explaining in detail . Now I shall hope for the best or else my phone is nothing better than a paper weight 🙁. Thanks again and i will let you guys know what happened with the seller.

  • Hi @FunBike31 , may I know how to check the battery capacity (57xx)?

    I need to recalibrate for the third time bcoz it shutdown again at +/-10% (which means this happened every two to three weeks since I bought this phone...)

    I'm concern for the battery health n capacity of this rog 5. Thanks

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    MUSTOOL UD24 or the UM25C

    Smartphone which is off with 0% battery, connect the usb control to the charger, reset it to empty the data if it has already been used, connect the "off" smartphone to the usb controler

    The total capacity of the battery is indicated in real time, it will be at the maximum when we see on the usb control that the phone no longer asks for anything.

    Do not turn on the phone for this measurement, otherwise the capacity will be false, it will be that of battery + the one consumed

  • Hi guys so my seller has asked me to ship my phone to the Victoria’s service centre. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take for them to fix it. But I am happy with the outcome. Thanks for the support guys . Will update happens next. Thanks

  • If you are lucky enough to have a little bit of battery left, wait for a few users in your country to declare that they have new .188 firmware and wait another 48 hours to be sure that this new firmware will be available to you (everyone does not see it at the same time)

    If you only have 1% or 0% left, charge it and if it still doesn't want to charge at all, go to a service center.

    If you have 3% left this should be enough to start it and update, connect the device to the charger before.

    The only notation for this .188 update is

    For WW SKU Improved Item:

    1. Optimize the charging experience function

    Which is false because incomplete but it should solve the charging problem, for those who can still start the phone.

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