ASUS , you haven't gotten it together yet?

edited December 2021 in ROG Phone 5

I was one of the first buyers of ASUS ROG phone - yeah the OG, ROG PHONE 1.

It was plagued with bugs , hardware issues etc, and the software updates were absolutely crappy.

The camera died after 6 months and it had some memory issues , so I had to send it to Shanghai for repairs (this was the only nice part , the repair team was very halpful and fixed it quickly , while keeping me updated, and it hasn't had a problem since).

Sad to see it continues at the 5th iteration (+) of the phone.

Glad I moved away from ROG, however sad it makes me to say this. I had huge expectations and wanted to stick to it for multiple iterations like I did with Samsung before this- but alas, I can't go through that torture again.

Please, get it together ASUS. I see so many people having touch , wifi , hotspot, and performance issues + RMA and repair problems with the rog phone 5/s/s pro. You guys seem to have gotten worse.

Saddens me to no end.


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