ASUS 30W Hyper Charger for UK...?

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I KNOW this question has 'sort of' been asked before, but that was relating to a ROG 3 phone, and it was dated 2020. This is 2021 and I have SEEN ASUS offering the Zenfone 8 for sale from their UK shop - no it's no longer in stock, but if they're selling it from their UK site that SURELY means they included a UK charger in the box...? I really really really would love a UK Hyper charger because I have discovered that currently this is the ONLY way that you can charge the Zenfone 8. The variant I have is the 16GB version, and this was not for sale in the UK so obviously is an import with a clunky UK plug adaptor.

Please help out if you can. Thank you.

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