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  1. System: Asus VivoBook 15
  2. Battery or AC: not relevant
  3. Model: k513E
  4. Frequency of occurrence: not relevant
  5. Reset OS: not relevant
  6. Screenshot or video: not required for the issue


Detailed description:

This Notebook include a sata controler on board with a 10 pin port in the motherboard to connect an hdd kit. However it wasn't include in the box. Could someone point me where can I purchase the correct ffc connector for my model?

This laptop include a NVMe drive, however I really need to connect my 2.5 SDD drive

Any help will be very appreciated.


  • At least it would be great if Asus could provide the map between the 10 pin port in the motherboard and the sata connector:

  • Hi, I still need a solution from Asus, certainly my customer experience is getting worse and worse.

    There are third-party vendors that offer solutions for other Asus models, see for example in AliExpress the item:

    "For ASUS VivoBook S14/S15 S430U S530U S4300U S5300U 2nd X412 X412F X512 X512UF laptop SATA Hard Drive HDD Connector Flex Cable"

    at least it would be nice to know the compatibility between Asus models regarding this part.

    Please, it would be great if someone from Asus could provide HDD kit compatibility information between different Asus models.

    Is anyone listening on this forum? Am I wrong to ask for help here?

    Any assistance will be very appreciated.

  • @dantepaz

    Unfortunately, we do not sell ffc connector ,and we also cannot guarantee the compatibility of parts sold by third-party manufacturers with you.

  • Thanks for the answer, although you only partially answer my questions.

    Could you provide the connection map of the 10 pin connector on the motherboard with a sata disk?

    Could you please provide the list of ASUS equipment using the same ffc connector?

    Since ASUS sells laptops with a built-in sata controller, in my opinion it should provide some way to use the product I paid for.

    Thanks for your help,


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