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Hello Together

For me, the planned charging of the battery is a mystery. I have made the settings so that between 00:30-04:45 the battery is dynamically charged. However, as soon as I connect the charger, the battery is charged immediately.

Am I understanding something wrong?

The battery wouldn't have to start charging until 00:30, would it?

I have the following settings, see attachment.



  • Hi,

    These settings mean, that between 00:30 and 04:45 the battery will be conserved and steadily charged. Outside of the set period battery is normally charged. So If you plug in your phone at 20:00 with 50% of the battery it will be fully charged by 20:30.

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    Oke thanks for your answer.

    Which settings are the best? I am currently on holiday and need the phone very often. Up to under 15%.

    Is there a way I can define that the battery only charges during a certain time, even though I connect it before going to bed?


    Would it be good if I extended the defined time period? So that it is "gently" loaded at all times?

  • If you are out of your typical daily schedule it better to charge full and fast. In that case you need to have juice not conserve battery life.

    Devices are to be used - it will be obsolete in three years anyway.

    General rule is the more full cycles of battery the faster it will degrade. First and last 10% of battery have greatest negative impact.

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    I am using steady charge from 20:00 until 09:00 which is overruled by my alarm clock.

    In general, you can say: charging to 100% is always bad and it would be best to charge with small currents. However, as @pio_zen pointed out, devices are to be used. @pio_zen

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