Service Center Not Giving Any Update on Device Return

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Oct 5: Submitted my device on Oct 5, it had all the issues that others are reporting. Problems with Wifi, Air triggers not working, device restarting on its own. The guy said the device might take 15-20 days, but not sure

Whenever I try to contact the service center, they won't pick up the phone or it will stay busy.

Oct 13th: I contacted Asus's customer care number on Oct 13th to ask for an update on what is happening. She promised that the device parts will be delivered by Oct 16th. 

Oct 18th: After waiting for 10 mins my call connected. I asked the executive for an update, she said parts are ordered but not allocated. That means the executive lied to me previously. I asked her why this happened, she disconnected the call. This is what you get after paying 50,000 for an "Asus" device. Wasted my time again to get connected. Told to ask for an update on Oct 26.

Oct 26: Sir no idea we don't have the part, we don't know when the device will be fixed.

I don't mind waiting if there's an issue, but the support staff and centers both are garbage. I won't buy any Asus devices from now on. There has to be a timeline to fix a problem, but they are not doing that, no timelines no clear answers.

This is the last time I am buying an Asus device.


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