Fn+Ecs button lock diode

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: both
  3. Model: UX425EA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: permanent
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:


There is a Fn+Ecs lock possibility on my keyboard.

The "problem" is that the status diode on this key is ON when the lock is OFF (basically it's ON all the time, because I don't use this lock at all).

In my opinion this diode should be ON only when the lock is ON.

Can you please tell me if this is a designed behavior or it could be changed in settings?




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    To turn the light ON/OFF:

    Press and hold Fn and then press Esc.

    And watch light turn ON/OFF and Function Key behavior change.

  • my question was about possibility to turn light-diode OFF while using regular F1-F12 keys functions

    I'm much more interested in F1-F12 keys then in Fn+F1-F12 and diode light is just distracting

  • OK. Now I understand what you are wanting to do! That's a problem I hadn't considered.

    Let's see if Asus Support has an answer for you.

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    @phbrd I didn't try it, but if you reverse the state of Fn key in BIOS, perhaps the diode starts to work has you wish. Try it and post feedback please.

  • @MotoWiZ thank for pointing in this direction

    I've found only one thing in BIOS there regarding FN and it's just disables Fn+Ecs lock, so diode is ON all the time

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    Hi there,

    It is designed behavior.

    The light is to remind you that you need to press the FN key with the F1-F12 key to use the function keys.

    But yes, it is some time really confusing and easy to forget.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

    I will reported to related department.

  • @Blake_ASUS thank you

    for me it's just not logical comparing to CapsLock and NumLock regular behavior

    no need to exclude this functionality completely, just to give users a choice, what they want this button diode to remind them about

  • Hi phbrd,

    am I correct in understanding you are basically asking for this functionality:

  • hi @hjheins

    no, I'm asking to invert Fn+Esc diode state for this button

    in my case this diode is ON while Fn+Esc lock is in OFF state

    I have no problem with boot up value, my Fn+Esc lock state is "remembered" after boot/restart

  • Apologies, I didnt understand that correctly.

    But thinking about it: you're right. The on/Off being the other way around would actually make more sense...

  • MotoWiZMotoWiZ Level 2
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    It depends on the use you give... for me it makes sense for the diode to beave like this, otherwise it would happen to me what happens to you (diode on all the time)... what would make sense was the diode working in reverse to whatever you choose by default in bios (diode should be off for the default selection in bios), then in the OS the diode would reverse it's state when you revert the Fn key. I had a PC/keyboard that worked like this for the Num Lock key of Numpad.

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