Zen Fone 8 calls quality terrible!!!

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Hello Asus and guys, I got a Asus Zen Fone 8 Flip and calls quality are terrible, even under full 4g or 5g coverage. The microphone of the phone get sounds far from phone so people connected with me they feel I am in extremely noisy place while I am not. The rest of the phone is super but quality of calls, also received audio, is awful. Asus can you do something?


  • Hi @casafusi,

    Kindly provide further info from your issue in order to understand better your case

    1. Are you on the latest firmware
    2. Are you using the stock call app or a 3rd party app for making the calls.

  • Hello, thank you for your kind reply and your interest.

    I confirm you I have the latest firmware and latest updated and I am using stock original version of the call app.

    Can Asus introduce in future update a setting to mix and tune microphone sensitivity?

    Thank you hope you can help me.

  • Hello guys I did more that's and I confirm you sound quality for calls is terrible. The fault is of the microphone of the phone that absorbs sorroundings sounds more than your won voice. Terrible.

  • I have the same problem as you, people hardly hearing me and my firmware is, I'm new to this phone. Only been using for 2 days

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