Vivobook x420u NVMe SSD compatibility

danTdanT Level 1
edited November 2021 in VivoBook
  1. System: Vivobook x420u
  2. Battery or AC: not applicable
  3. Model: x420u
  4. Frequency of occurrence: not applicable
  5. Reset OS: n/a
  6. Screenshot or video: n/a


Detailed description:

The tech specs for my Vivobook ( web site, in /Laptops/For-Home/VivoBook/VivoBook-14-X420/techspec) imply that an NVMe SSD would be compatible, however in many on-line forums I've heard people say that it is not. Before I purchase (a nice, high-performing) NVMe PCI SSD I'd like assurance that it is indeed supported on the Vivobook X420U


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