Still no .172 kernel source

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So uhm... Was wondering if you could update on whats going on. I dont think uploading roughly 180mb should take over a week ๐Ÿ˜…


  • Btw, if u mean the latest update, welp, it is useless and do not fix the main black crush issue, but regarding ur solution, i found a youtuber spreading an app alongside ur kernel, and claiming its ur own work, iam not and canno trust him cuz i already have the idea that ur not going anytime soon to publish ur kernel as an open source- sadly speaking tho as ppl moving to new devices- in any case i want ur confirmation on such a channel, but since i can't post links yet i will write his channel name alongside the video name:

    Name: Flashing is Life

    Asus Rog 3 Black Crush Fix Kernel Installation


  • No im talking about the kernel source. Not firmware.

    Its my old a10 kernel with my old app. Its far from perfect and the current implementation on a11 is way ahead, much more accurate and better as it doesnt need any apps or similair to adjust.

    However i would strongly advise against using A10 due to major security concerns and some very much needed bugfixes. Asus really did throw A10 aside when they started working on A11 beta.

    As for validity of the files i havent checked but i do believe they are likely just the old A10 files.

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    Sounds, disapppointing for me, especially knowing iam on A11 and still seeing the cruelity of black crush issue! Anyway thanks.

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  • @Danishblunt Sorry for the delay, it's there now. ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

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