30W Power Adapter

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It has been over 6 months that I'm searching for ROG 30W adapter and it is Out of stock across all the e-commerce sites.

I went in to service center and asked for 30W power adapter instead I get the power adapter which I got with the phone which is 18W.

One of the post says, ask for Rog phone 3 power adapter but service center asks for serial number for providing the power adapter.

This is insane.. I want a charger and I'm ready to buy as well and instead ASUS takes a dig for not providing me a charger which I require?

Apart from that I wanted to check if there are any alternative 30W adapters that I can use instead of ASUS's. Looks like the power delivery ASUS's adapter does, no other adapter does the same and only ASUS power adapter can provide us Hypercharge.

This is Pathetic.

You are not providing us chargers and instead if we want to use some alternatives, there are none for it. :/



  • Hi ZT-654e7302,

    Really sorry for the same. You can check for any alternate charger but yes the tech which ASUS charger uses you may not find exactly the same.

  • Any timeline when are the chargers going to be released?

    I understand the Updates with ROG phone 2 are slow (both major and minor), because of complexity. (Lot of features, Game Genie and other stuff)

    Is there any issues with making the stock available of 30W adapter? (Due to chip shortage?) Why is this slow?

    Like I mentioned in this post, it has been more than 6 months that we're waiting for 30W power brick on Flipkart. Isn't it too long for any customer to wait, just for power brick?

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