I want Android 12

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I don't get the updated 12


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    It still not available for this phone

  • It has always left me on the ass this urge for a pressing update which before 4 or 5 maj is the worst thing that is whereas the previous version just before the release of the new one becomes really stable. Users like to turn into beta tester :)

    - The "Stable" version which was to be released on 4/10 has just been pushed back to "Une Date Inconnue" by Google for these Pixels. this is to say the stability which has practically bricked our development pixels.

    If it comes out before the end of the year on the Pixels, the other manufacturers will be counted on the fingers of a hand amputated of several fingers.

    Personally for my Rog 5, I AM NOT PRESSED TO HAVE ANDROID 12, this version is so sensational that Google remakes it like 10 years ago, the real stable version will certainly be 12.1 which will be released before Android 13

    Buy a Pixel, sign up for the developer program and have fun with Android 12 if you want this version now but please let Asus stabilize android 11 and update the October patches and security pack as soon as possible before asking for a few. thing you don't know.

  • I think only in 2022 for us.

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