Rog phone 5 Volte, vowifi o2 czech republic

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Does anyone have a rog phone 5 and an o2 operator czech republic? Can VoLTE and VoWIFI confirm me? If it goes, I'm interested in this phone


  • This requires confirmation from Asus but I think so, the O2 operator for your country is referenced in the Rog5 sources for VoLTE

    modem / image / modem_pr / mcfg / configs / mcfg_sw / generic / ASUS / CZECHO2 / mcfg_sw.mbn

  • yes i know it has an mbn file. But I would like confirmation that it really works ...

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    Still no one knows if voLTE and voWIFI o2 czech republics work. I would love for someone to confirm me

  • Asus affirmatively communicated the above, but it remains specifications.

    If you want to be sure by a positive experience from someone who has tested this is not where you will have the answer unless you have on Zentalk another user from the Czech Republic who also has the o2 operator !!!!

    You would certainly have better luck on reddit or on popular mobile video game forums in the Czech Republics, or on operator o2's social media channels.

  • That's why I ask everywhere and I haven't received a message anywhere yet. o2 knows nothing but the phones it sells. although it supports a lot of what is not on the list. I know on the forum that someone has a vodafone and it works there. from the firmware I only know that there is a file mbn 02czech. But zenfone 7 pro also has it and so far VoLTE is not working. The only option is probably to buy and try. If anyone is from the Czech Republic, let me give you info

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