Battery Drains drastically specially when ROG 5 is in ideal mode

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  1. Model Name:ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version:Have Attached My System Details
  3. Rooted or not:Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: After MOBO change
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Battery Drains drastically specially when device is in Ideal Mode..

I use AOD 07:00 AM to 23:00 PM everyday..

I noticed this in specially Holiday, Don't use that much still battery Drains..

Sometimes when I leave my device overnight, battery drops 10-15% is it normal? I don't think so..

Having 6/7 hour's of SOT is not normal in a 6000 MAH battery..

Before faced Wifi/HOTSpot problem now this thing happening! Don't know what are they doing??

I have attached a screenshot, device is in ideal mode along all day, requesting you please tell me is this normal or not??


I don't use mobile data often, I am always use WIFI)



  • My setting is dynamic, auto refresh, aod 5am-12am, I restricted battery usage for most apps installed by myself except WhatsApp;

    If I left my phone over night (6hour%) with wifi n data on, it will drop 6-8%;

    If I left it with wifi n data off, it will drop 2% over night (6hours). For your reference n comparison.

  • My setting also dynamic with Auto Refresh Rate all the time, Battery Charge limit is 90%

    How the restricted battery usage for any app? What problem arises if I restrict battery usage for any app in my device? Can you Elaborate Please!

    You are so lucky? I tried many things but no luck, let's hope this thing works!

    Thanks for your reference 🙂

  • Hello Friends!! I have uncheck all the unwanted apps by starting boot up, can this help in my battery life? Any problem with that?? Please help.

    Also in settings there is an option named "BATTERY OPTIMISATION" with both option named NOT OPTIMISED/ALL APP? everytime when I press back then enter BATTERY OPTIMISATION always showed "NOT OPTIMISED"???

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    It's ok for me so far after I restricted battery usage for most of the app I installed myself including armoury crate n all apps work normally.

    Only WhatsApp I set for not optimized under battery bcoz I face an issue of delayed/no notification for Whatsapp messages.

    U may try to install an app namely electron from playstore to observe your battery level. The data shown is exactly the data in adb command. Mine real capacity is 5496mAh (shown in photo) but I'm told by another user that not to worries about those figure as long as our phone can last for games 5-6hour, other usage more than 8hours. U may try install n compare.

    Btw, My setting is on for "optiflex" n "auto select based on app usage" ; " background app management" is off. These setting seems allowed to drain the battery but I feel not much affected. I only observe a faster drainage when I play mp3 for hours but still acceptable.

    Bluetooth, location off all the time for me.

    Sorry I'm not well versed in tech stuff n not able to diagnose your problem but only provide u my setting for your reference.

  • Not optimized means allowed apps to drain the battery...

  • Thanks Bro! 👍

    Already installed Electron mine real Capacity is 5486 MAH, don't know why 514 MAH is not here??

    From Yesterday after I changed some settings(Background manager/Battery optimisation) battery life slightly improved..

    Let's hope for Best ☺️

    Thanks Again..

  • Another user told me Android might not be able to read the real capacity atm n not to worry too much (tech stuff I'm not too sure). Anyhow it's seems it's normal for the capacity reading since both of us around the same. Keep me updated if you found an improvement on battery n share with me ✌️

  • Hi [email protected]@@@@123,

    The battery SOT as mentioned before seems to be ok but can be further improved. Taken your feedback and the same will be passed on ahead for better battery optimization.

  • I feel like better battery optimization should be one of the priorities, along with the Wi-Fi and random dead phones issues. Any ETA on a patch for this?

  • Exactly, It's Back up is not like it's having a 6000 MAH! Really worried with Battery life 😤😤

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