When will Asus 6z get Wifi Calling on Airtel in India? We are waiting 1 year already

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When will Asus 6z phone get Wifi Calling on Airtel India? We are waiting from 2 year already but Asus don't give I am unable to use this at work or at home because of low network strength. I have WIFI in both these places. This is pathetic. Cheap budget phones have this feature already.Is there any plan to enable Airtel VoWifi? If yes, do we know when this will happen and how much it's take time we already wait 1 year it's really hard to do VoWifi active for Asus? Please don't tell we made a not and share with relative team or it's in works , because based on the forum discussions it's in works for almost one year now. Please tell me yes or no!



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