wifi and hotspot zenfone 8 issue

4m5xF4m5xF Level 1
edited November 2021 in ZenFone 8

it,s been for 4 month after i bought this phone, my spec was 16 ram 256 rom.

i buy it by cost 3k ringgit malaysia

i think more expensive more thoughnest it quality, but im wrong. just in 4 month the wifi and hotspot cant turn on. before it happen my phone suddenly shutdown by it own. i turn back it on and the wifi cant connect. now i already send it to asus servis center for claim warranty. i dont know are their repair by replace wifi ic or replace entire motherboard, and now im wondering are my phone still water proving after the servis center open my phone. now im waiting for my phone to been repair by claim warranty. hope it will be no issue after this.

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