Is this battery life similiar to what others are getting?

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I think that's pretty awful for 6000mah battery set on auto refresh rate


  • I've been having an average of 20 hours up time + ~5/6 hours of SOT, while gaming, texting heavily, and occasionally some YouTube and music, with refresh rate set to constant 120hz.

    Have you looked into all the battery life posts on here? Some of them recommend turning off 5G network if you don't use it, since the phone will apparently keep trying to connect to it even if it doesn't exist? There's also some other developer options you can tweak to help with battery a little bit. I've also turned off auto start on all apps except for the ones I need notifications to come through on.

    It's definitely not ideal... I'm hoping ASUS can release an update that will help with battery management considerably. The 888 is an extremely demanding chip, but I feel like a 6k mah battery should still last a teeny tiny bit longer.

    Also, wtf is with Chrome and draining battery? It's like a little leech, yuck.

  • Idk Man! Chrome is really f'up these days. Idle drain is close to 30-40% some days. Tried everything but chrome drain is always there. Switched to some other browser after disabling chrome but eventually switched back only because of sync across devices feature and Natively 120hz support on auto mode. Some people are getting 10 hour + SOT which makes me wonder what is going wrong.

  • Yep, cross-platform sync is literally the only reason I use Chrome because the amount of times I get a notification saying it's draining my battery rapidly is... too many times.

    Biggest culprits for me is Chrome and Android System.

  • Hi GarvitKhatod,

    Looking at the nos you have played games for 1 hour and YT for some time. The SOT isn't totally bad but surely can be improved.

    Can you share a graph when battery reaches around 10%

  • I don't understand the reason behind chrome using so much resources. Like 9% in 7 minutes. That's absurd.

  • absurd, from google, haha, no

    Clear chrome history

    Clear cache AND chrome data

    Check the synchronization (turn everything off and re-enable only what you really need)

    go to chrome settings and activate simplified mode

  • You can also add it in Armory Create to create the best profile adapted to your use

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