Moderator affiliation with Asus?

b0ttl3m4nb0ttl3m4n Level 2
edited November 2021 in ZenFone 8

Are any of the mods here affiliated with Asus? It would be nice to actually get some information on the ramdump issue, it's starting to scare me. I would like to know what the issue is caused by, just to feed my curiosity, it won't help to stop it O believe but at least I'm not completely in the dark about it anymore.. So if you guys could reach out to Asus it would be highly appreciated, as we still have no proper informations about the issue.



  • You know, anything would be fine. I just want to know what the troublesome part is, it not only helps us to understand but you guys (ASUS) can actually do something about the manufacturer.. Just please, say something.

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