We stuck with June security patch??

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  • Debasish SahooDebasish Sahoo Level 3
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    They released the update on August with June security patch and till now no new updates for 6z since 2.5 months. I have been a Zenfone user since 2016 but never had this type of experience till now. My old Zenfone 5z recieved updates till 2.8 years on every 2 months with latest patch.

    I hope they will release a update soon.


    @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @CH_ASUS

  • Do you really can not live fully and worthy without latest Google security updates? ;)

  • I hope there's an update on the way soon

  • Also waiting. Quick security patches support is the minimum a professional brand should ensure! Come on Asus you can do better!

  • The hope for a timely security update vanishes last. I hope, my hope is not hopeless.

    A security update as of Jun 21 is kinda disappointing. I have been really satisfied with my Z6 ever since my purchase in July 2019. I hope that a lacking and meanwhile drastically slowed down security update frequency won't deter that.

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