Expected Price of ZenFone 6?

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Hi Guys,
So ZenFone 6 launch is not far away. May 16 is the date when this defy ordinary will be unveiled.
So what you guys think about pricing? Any guesses?

Expected Price of ZenFone 6? 15 votes

Under $300
四轉好難bhargav309199 2 votes
$300 - $500
aamod.v8suhitkarmmSendalakkinenikrishumesh9794XKOMODOTCOMrsromit1shubhdeepmdhadlyhs 9 votes
$500 - $700
AmitGardeHugoKolorowezworki 3 votes
More than $700
GuilhermeAworld 1 vote


  • mmSendalmmSendal Level 1
    $300 - $500

    According to Asus' past announcement, Zenfones will no longer be budget segment phones. And 2nd gen Max (M) series prove that. So I expect Zenfone 6 with higher level components than its competitors but with a higher pricing. So +400price tag won't be surprising for me. I hope ZenUI will be acting better with the new release.

  • I think the term affordable still qualifies with ZenFone 6.


  • ath.eionath.eion Level 2

    For India it'll be starting from 33 to 35K for the base Zenfone 6 variant, as per my speculation.

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