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Since AR is becoming more and more popular these day, i'd like to know if there is any plan for supporting the Zenfone 5/5z with ARCore. We have recommended this in the Idea for next section and discussion forum of the old Zentalk for quite some time.


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    Yes we definitely need AR Core for 5z. I'm seeing many post about it on the idea for next section and I was hoping every time when there is an update which would include AR core support. I thought it will be supported  in  PIE but it didn't.  I'm borrowing my friends pocophone to use AR Core for now and I'm wondering even cheaper price phone than 5z supports AR core. Kinda disappointed here as a consumer.

    Moderators whoever seeing this, kindly highlight this issue to the devs. We really need AR Core support. I hope that it will be supported in next/ future update or ZenUI 6.
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    I don't think we are getting ARcore..I think they will include it in Zenfone 6
  • Hi all,
    At this moment we do not have any news to share regarding ARCore on 5Z.

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