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Model: Zenbook UM325U

Is there a possibility to acquire parts for this notebook?

for instance: would it be possible to purchase a new Touchpad or Battery?




  • Hello Hendrik-Jan,

    I'm sorry that we don't sell spare parts.

    If you need any replacement, please kindly send the device to our service center.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake_Asus,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. That's a shame. Especially because something like a battery replacement is something you can easily do yourself, and is definitly not worth sending the device to a service center (too expensive). I came to a zenbook from a thinkpad (so I am somewhat used to parts availability), and i think this is definitly a shame.

    thank you for your reply.


  • Hello Hendrik-Jan,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    I have reported to related department.

  • Having recently purchased my ZenBook UX582, I too am disappointed in this response!

    Blake, please add another disappointed customer to report to a related department!

  • I'm also looking for a new battery for my UX581GV, and I couldn't find any in Romania. I can't afford sending my laptop to service and not having access to it for weeks as it is my main and only utensil in this online world due to the pandemic (university professor).

  • Maybe as a clarification: I have this laptop since August. From the start, the max. possible Battery capacity has never been more than 96% of factory. And currently it already lowered itself to 92% of the max. possible capacity. At this rate, I am actually worried that this battery would need to be replaced in the not too far future. And if the quality is as it seems with this one (not very good), I would foresee at at least a second and maybe third battery change. And honestly: shipping a laptop to a repair facility, with a bill of (I'm guessing here) let's say 200 dollar or Euros per repair, that would actually rack up a bill of 600 dollar additionally over the lifetime of the machine. And at it's purchasing price, that is WAY too much.

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