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I can not understand the necessity of having two forums that are not even old and new versions of the existing ZenTalk, but completely different. Even my profile in the new forum is different from the old forum account and can not be edited, modified, and deleted. All this creates only inconvenience and confusion in users. The new forum is even more formless and disorderly than the old one. Better do just one forum, but one that should be - to help users and not just "to have a forum".


  • Hi @kokorko
    Thank you for your feedback!
    Over the years we have identified several contraints and improvement points we want to implement with ZenTalk , relating to all aspects - as such the platform is also entirely different.

    If we apply a longer term view, there would be "one" ZenTalk. However during the transfer process, there is still two being maintained. Sorry for this inconvenience it may cause.
    The new ZenTalk account is a unified ASUS account that is co-shared across ZenTalk and also Asus.com

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    Thanks for answer, @CH_ASUS !
    I have two accounts  - one for ZenTalk forum, and other for Asus web site, product registration and support. Both accounts are registered with same e-mail, but are different (I don't know why). New ZenTalk uses ASUS account. I don't know how to merge two accounts in one, so I save all my posts, ratings and comments from old zentalk to new zentalk. Will it be possible in future?
  • I think it is a good question - at this point , we are not merging accounts automatically. We may study this topic further internally however. Thanks for your feedback!

  • I had 3 devices registered to my account. When I check yesterday, I see there are no registered devices in my account. Where did these registrations disappear?

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