Sound Quality after upgrading Zenfone 5z

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Recently I upgraded to the latest ZS620KL_WW_90.11.162.58 and the sound quality got even worse! It wasn't great to begin with, the Audio Wizard is perhaps the worst audio effects tool I've worked with.
I'm using Creative ONE Bluetooth headphones on the default headphones setting in the Audio Wizard and all I hear is overloaded bass! I tried different headphone profiles (what a terrible idea to add presets instead of an actual EQ! Why? Because my headphones are not there and thousands  of others).
Is there any way to at least revert back the sound, I can't listen to my usual playlists because all I hear is overloads.


  • Hi @Dimitri
    Sorry to hear you didnt like the update. You may try to disablde AudioWizard completely -> Settings ->Apps & Notifications -> Show all apps ->
    Click the hamburger style menu at the top right "the three dots" -> Show system
    Find AudioWizard, click it - and disable it.

  • I have the same problem! Disabling audio wizard, and changing other settings is not helping!

  • Hi,

    Is it that you are also using any app which also has a built in equalizer? Like PowerAmp?



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