Asus ZenFone 8 idle battery drain due to lack of doze

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Hi all,

So iv had some rather unsavoury idle battery drain with my asus ZenFone 8 (16gig variation).

After much testing I have boiled it down to one simple thing.

The device does not enter doze or does not stay in doze nearly as long as it should, especially at night. And that results in some unecessary battery drain.

So the question I have is, how do we implement or modify doze on the ZenFone 8...I'm sure doing this will drastically improve idle battery drain.

Also, maybe asus will be looking to improve the doze feature on the later android 12 update?

I have included a screenshot of my recent usage. With the following features: ultra robust mode, battery saver option enabled in developer mode, adaptive battery on, background app management on.

Edit. I have also included the doze stats below taken off Gsam battery monitor:


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    Also I am with the most current patch

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