Black Crush Issue

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Rog 3
  2. Firmware Version: .138
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: High
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Majority of Apps

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Hi I am facing black crush issue. I have purchased the device in Oct 2021 and is running on Android 11, FW .138 but having black crush. Please help how to resolve it.


  • It won't resolve bro... Every one is facing it since the last year launch .. welcome to sed lyf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I feel sorry for you man, we have been facing this problem since the very start. Welcome to the Black Crush Club!

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    Stop buying asus products with an oled screen because black crush is even on the zenbook ahaha

  • Even I am facing Black crush and screen flickering issue.

  • Welcome to black crush club...

  • What about red tint in low brightness

  • There is much talk that it can be a licensing problem, and that pixelworks can sue asus if they change the calibration without their consent, but, if the blackcrush is a licensing problem, I think it is Asus who should report or sue pixelworks for doing a lousy screen calibration. Due to a poor pixelworks calibration, Asus is having serious problems with one of its flagship devices. In addition Asus will have paid to obtain the pixelworks license, they promised Asus a specific calibration, and they have done it wrong. They are damages that we are all paying, Asus included.

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    @Jesp.r im just bought a rog 3 two days ago after recent update still i'm facing color banding issue apart from that the display looks warmer when looking straight while side angle it looks normal kinda cool tone . i'm changing splendid settings but it all same, 'natural' looks okay but not satisfying. any other things i will check on my ?

  • Thats not how it works. Asus probably agreed to the calibration without checking on color banding on greyscale on lower brightness. You could argue asus should get better at quality control. However since they agreed on the calibration there isnt anything asus can do about it.

  • But I don't understand one thing. If pixelworks is supposed to calibrate the screen .. Asus should claim the "guarantee" if the work is badly done .. (I don't know if there is a guarantee for that, but everything in this world has a guarantee ..) but I don't understand how they can give a license to a poorly calibrated screen .. that is, it is assumed that if the screen does not meet the specifications, it does not get the license, am I right? So ... I think Asus calibrated the screen, and pixelworks only put their name in exchange for money, it's all marketing, pixelworks can't have calibrated the screen because if so, Asus would have sued them. It is as if I obtain the COVID certificate without having the vaccine .. if I later catch COVID, I cannot sue anyone because I do not have the vaccine and I have obtained a certificate in exchange for money .. Well, the same thing may have happened with Asus and pixelworks. I don't know if you understood me, I feel my language, as you know, I use Google translator.

  • We understand even Google translated it's very clear. But what can we do now ? Asus doesn't give a damm about this phone nor 5.

  • I believe that Asus will never fix this problem. If it was important to them they would have fixed it by now, a month or two after launch. Now a year later and with two new phones on the market ... I highly doubt they will do anything.

  • Thats not how it works. What most likely happened was:

    Pixelworks did the calibration for asus. Asus asked them because rog2 users where complaining about black crush. So pixelworks calibrated the screen with a gamma that is to high which would cause colorbanding. It looks fine on high brightness and certain scenes. Asus looked at it, checked how it looked on certain scenes and it looked fine. They then approved on it and the deal was finished. Later users discovered that the color banding happens on lower brightness due to the out of whack gamma levels. However asus did already agree to the calibration. They purchased a license to sell the pixelworks software and 1 calibration, they did NOT buy a calibration service, but only 1 calibration profile.

    The main issue here is that in order to fix this issue completely aka have no color banding and no black crush requires a new system that dynamicly changes the display based on certain conditions.

    On my kernel i had to write a system that would do exacly that. Its not just "lets calibrate the screen" it requires a new system that has to be implemented in order to function properly this is something that would be very costly and simply wouldnt make much sense for asus to invest in as it takes a lot of time which in turn means a lot of money. Also based on device the result may vary.

  • I understand you. Let's say that basically, they are not worth doing it ... they prefer to spend money developing new devices with the problem solved, to fixing an old one.

  • Its not that simple..the problem of the colorbanding and black crush is very much spread. Even devices like the oneplus 8 pro, google pixel 2xl, several samsung phones and the realme gt2 have the same display problems.

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    Will Asus ever comment on this issue? It's quite embarrassing that they're simply ignoring a whole forum full of threads of the same complaint..

    Or do we need to patch this ourselves as a community?

  • The thing is, they arent ignoring it, they STILL try to fix it, the flickering people were complaining about on .158 was because ASUS was trying to somehow fix it.

    But because they cannot touch the calibration they try to fix it via other means, hence we see some updates that do funky things with the display such as black -> gray and flickering thing. At least thats my theory as they clearly keep derping around the display but wont touch any calibration stuff

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    Yeah I get that flickering even on the latest update.. in Waze in dark lighting conditions it goes red tint and yellow tint and flickers between them.

    There should be way of calibrating this ourselves or as a community, figure out a way around it.

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