Battery Discharges Drastically

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After changing MOBO, I am only got 5 Hours of SOT from 90% to 20% only..

I am really worried, Please check the attachment for more details.

If anyone can help me with this I will be much happy..



  • Hi [email protected]@@@@123,

    can you confirm the software version? Also, try battery calibration.

    To recalibrate the battery, charge your phone to 100% without interruption. then discharge it normally till 0%

    Repeat the above cycle twice if you still get around 5 hours of SOT (Screen on time), please revert back here.

  • When I will charge the phone to 100% can I switch off the phone or on? Please reply..

    For software version please check attachment..

    I will get back to you..

    Thanks anyway 👍👍

  • Sorry forgot to attach the attachment file, please check this attachment for software details..

    I am really worried about my ROG 5 Battery life. This is 6000 MAH battery for God sake


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