UX581GV HID-compliant touch screen requesting restart every time

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  1. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  2. Reset OS: Yes
  3. Screenshot or video:
  4. Battery or AC: Both
  5. System: Windows 10 Pro 11

Model: UX581GV.308


Detailed description:

I get each day when I open the laptop the notification to restart the laptop just after I open it for the HID-compliant touch screen. The error seems to appear after 24h each day or something like this. If I close the laptop the same day, it won't appear, but the next day is here again.

I've had this issue for more than 1 year and reported it few times here and nothing happened. Since then I have reset my Windows several times using the option from Windows, so I kept the laptop's original version. I've also updated to Windows 11 via Windows automatic updates and the error is still there.


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    I'm often turning the 2nd screen off when not using it since it has burns pixels (artifacts, shadows from the background lines) from the original ASUS background before they released the ASUS Oled Care option in MyAsus app. Maybe this information helps, in the sense that I often turn on and off the 2nd screen using the keyboard button.

  • Have you run myAsus to be sure everything required by ASUS is up to date?

  • Hi,

    Sometimes this constant notifications for update are due to updates that didn't went well. Try to uninstall the HID-complaint touch screen (it's the one I see in your notification window), resart and install it again after.

  • I tried it, but I have also reset the Windows like 4 times in the last year and the error is still there after each reset, and also I have updated to Windows 11, and the error didn't disappear.

  • After checking in device manager, there are 2 HID-complaint touch screen entries, one is requesting restart (the 2nd entry due to hardware change, but it also says that it's working properly) and the first entry is working properly. After uninstalling it and restarting the laptop, the 2nd entry was automatically added again.

  • Hello Liviu,

    We have received other similar feedback.

    And after checking quite some logs, we found that the devices are fine.

    There is a detection mechanism from Microsoft that is causing the issue.

    We have not received any progress from them. We will keep pushing that.

    Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

  • What I've noticed is that, when opening the GitHub desktop app, it triggers the notification. But this happens once a day, if I open it again, or the notification already appeared, it won't appear again in the same day. There are other apps that triggers the notification, but GitHub is one app that I use a lot, and this is how I observed the correlation. These apps seem to load something that triggers the hardware change.

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