Battery controller calibration

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The battery percentage indicator behave litle bit strange. After disconnecting from charger the level drops very fast for  3% in 1- 2 minutes without doing nothing. But on low level 10 -15 % the phone keeps charge more time ( without turning on power saving).

I tried to discharge the phone unil it turnig off and next full charging but was no changes.

I wolul like to receive from Asus the controller calibration recommedation.


  • Hi @cdr4,

    For what you have described here doesn't seem like something worrying about your battery.

    In any case for battery calibration you can follow these steps:

    Step1: go to "Settings" > "Battery" > "Battery Care"> "Select charging limit"> "Move bar to 100%"

    Step2:Plug in AC charger to charge battery to 100%

    Step3:Normal use until capacity of battery decrease to 0%

    Step4:Do Step 2 again to charge battery to 100 %

  • Afaik battery indicator is not linear and is not accurate as we think - it is rather estimated number.

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    Have done it before posting here, didn't help.

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