Asus ZenFone 8 overheating and battery drain issues

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Hi guys, so iv had my ZenFone 8 for little over a day now and have encountered the usual complaints most people have, overheating and battery drain.

This occurs in both idle and standard states, like just a phonecall makes it hot (which I'm sure reduces the battery significantly)

I love this phone but honestly would love to know if asus has a planned fix for these issues.

I know this is a compact device and heat dissipation on a powerful chip is difficult to balance.

Still a massive fan and would love to see a fix for this as I want to recommend this phone to everyone.

Ps: IV got advanced battery settings with all settings set to low not sure what else I can do from there.


  • Do you have the latest updates?

  • SivSiv Level 1

    Hi there, yes sorry I forgot to mention I have update

    I also tested idle drain time with ultra robust mode, lost about 8% over 6 hours, if I remember my old phones on average I would lose about 1-2 percent while idle.

  • I have the same problem with my Zenfone 8

  • In my observation the biggest impact is cellular network (even without data enabled). Changing power mode from dynamic mode to durable or changing screen refresh rate had barely noticable impact (I play no games, just productivity stuff).

    Last night with ultra durable + airplane mode + WiFi on it took 2% for 9 hours.

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    Sounds about right...cell reception does kill your battery on a good day even.

    I also noticed that my device never truly goes into doze mode which would result in higher than average idle drain.

    Going to try the flight mode fix tonight, I'm sure I will get the same results👍

  • In my case there is no problem with doze. Gsam shows a lot of hours in deep doze and deep sleep. But first thing I did was setting apps autostart options and background restrictions etc.

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