VoLTE o2 czech republic

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Who can confirm what I see. in firmware 112 should be support for VoLTE o2 cz? can anyone try?


  • Martin.stavinoha87 je to tak?

  • Could you please remind me, what file are you inspecting? Is it possible to extract this file without root?

  • extracted from the latest firmware. downloaded from the Asus website. It must expand and look in the modem.

  • so far no VoLTE or how could I possibly try to force enable it??

  • hmm

    AUVF = Australia Vodafone?

  • It wasn't announced yet. Maybe this is for tests.

  • Most likely in testing and may not enable yet but this is great news.

    Here are the list of new mbn they added.

  • It can be seen but unfortunately it cannot be activated. O2 has been released for everyone in Germany without additional activation. Also not possible with 2 Sim cards. Please to Asus! How can I activate it!

  • When Asus will activate more VoLTE profiles?

  • They have released the release notes for 125 version in October...the version is available for download since a week or 2, but OTA never arrived....given the facts that I heard it bricked a lot of phone I would not do a manual upgrade....so given the facts from above...I hardly doubt they will do any tests...and that they will offer other Volte services before the A12 release....(which who knows when it will come and how good it will be ...given the fact A11 was a mess for me and it took them more than 4 months to fix the notification issue)

  • it's a shame, I am still waiting for 125 OTA for the same reasons as you

    that notification issue was there from the very beginning of A11 beta program, I reported that to ASUS and sent them logs but because I was the only one they simply didn't care enough and responded that they didn't found any issue...but then after a few months finally more people started to report that and voila, they were able (after these maybe 4 months) to identify the issue, found the cause of it and fix it

  • Yeah...they said exactly the same about me...that I was the only one....but then the thread filled up with people....but even then they didn't trust us....even though we have provided videos, pictures and logs with the issue. Then it started to happen on other devices as well(on rog series I guess) and only then they fixed it...so one bottom line...Asus doesn't trust it's users or don't care until the shit it's on fire....remember about LG?? They did the same!

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