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I know this is a lot of writing on the subject. I would really like someone at Asus to justify why the Zenfone 8 Flip can display notifications on the AOD then why the Zenfone 7 Pro is not able to do so. Almost the same two devices. Nor can I understand why if so many people are already asking for it all the time then you can’t do it with an update. And the answer is definitely not to answer that the hardware can't do it. All other manufacturers can solve this. The Nokia Lumia 925 knew this ... It's a terrible disappointment. I bought Asus because I trusted that they would listen to and address user needs. Unfortunately, this has not been resolved in more than a year


  • Because they simply do not care. It is an utterly pathetic way to treat us customers that have paid top dollar for a flagship device that's been dropped in less than 1 year after its release. The 7 will only get the security updates and bug fixes. Congratulations Asus for making a name for yourself.

  • You will unlikely even get a response from a rep. Get used to it.

  • You have a higher chance of getting a response on the 8/8 Flip forum. In fact, might I suggest, all us 7 users should start replying on all those threads about our 7.

  • I posted this on their suggestion subforum. After that few guys more did the same. So far no confirmation it will be implemented. It may be implemented with A12, but no one guaranteed this. They need to sell ZF8, so no reason to update ZF7.

  • "They need to sell ZF8, so no reason to update ZF7."

    If it's true that was my last Asus phone....

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