Zen 8 - GPS, fingerprint, shortcut, uninstalling and warranty issue

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I have Zen 8 I have had for 2 months and I have major issues with it. Having spent nearly 600 pounds my phone does not work properly, mainly GPS is the problem.

1.GPS is the worst I've ever had on a phone, cuts out when driving which is bad. Tried all support advice, no luck

2.Finger print sensor bad

3.Can't create short cuts on home screen

4.Customer service said phone doesn't have warranty even though bought only 2 months ago

AVOID like the plague!



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    Hi @azumtohseef,

    Can you please clarify the following so I can get a better picture of each your issues:

    1.Are you on the latest update 112.22?

    2.GPS issue, does it happen only while driving?  Does the position jumps around or is it that the GPS stops working momentarily?

    3.Could you elaborate what do you mean by "bad"?

    4.Regarding shortcuts it is possible to add, which shortcut are you trying to make? Settings shortcuts are made from the widget screen, you can also add a couple of mobile manager shortcuts from the mobile manager settings.

    5.About your warranty, check your inbox for a PM from me with some follow up questions

  • >>GPS issue, does it happen only while driving? Does the position jumps around or is it that the GPS stops working momentarily?

    I do not remember how it was on older FW because I do not use navigation apps often, but I'd like it to be quite faster.

    If I minimize some navigation app and then to open it again satellite's connection is lost and position jumps over the map until connection is established again.

  • Hi,

    I'm on the latest software.

    GPS cuts out, starts jumping around sometimes because it doesn't know where I am. Or it just says searching for satellite majority of the time.

    With any android phone you can long press on any app and create short cut on home by screen, I cannot do that.


  • I am also facing GPS problems while driving. It doesn't move in real-time.

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