Notifications sometimes make noise even though I don't have media volume synced with ringtones

BlakeLeeBlakeLee Level 1
edited November 2021 in ZenFone 8

There's 3 options for volume syncing:

Turn off volume syncing

Ringtone & notification

Ringtone, notification, and media

I have it on ringtone & notification which is on vibrate. However if my media volume is up, it still plays a notification sound.

Sometimes it works as expected and doesn't play the sound.

I have a video of me switching the volume syncing options without the new option being selected.


  • Hi @BlakeLee,

    I have some questions in order to understand better your issue:

    1.Which apps are showing this behavior?

    2.Can you send some screenshots of your settings?

    3.Do you have developer option enabled?

    4.Are you on the latest firmware?

    5.Please try to reboot your device and see if that solves it.

  • 1. Messages app, and really any app

    2. What images would you like?

    3. Developer options are enabled because I'm a dev

    4. Yes,

    5. Rebooting device seems to help until it happens again. But when it happens I don't notice anything special I've changed. Maybe it's triggered when I plugin my aux in the car.

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