Overnight battery usage - Ultra Durable power mode

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soft 112.22

there is too much battery drain overnight with [ultra durable] mode (possibly would be issue with other modes as well). 3 scenarios :

  1. Airplane mode on - 2% , 0.3%/h . I would say it is decent and repeatable.
  2. mobile network data on (not active), dual sim, wifi ON - 11% , 1.2%/h
  3. mobile data off , wifi off , dual sim - 8% , 0.9%/h

I restricted all secondary apps (uber, etc.) from background data transfer. Most apps without autostart - except often used (calendar, gmail, keep). No facebook, tiktok and other trash like that.

I would say that p.2 is too much concerning enabled ultra durable and enabled wifi. And definatelly in case p.3 way too much - where data transfer is off .  Looks like comms are consuming battery like popcorn

Another question - what the hell is "NextAppCore" app. Sometimes it has very high battery utilization.



  • I assume "ultra durable" mode does nothing significant except for turning off some features like AOD and background sync.

    I least the phone last night with dynamic mode + airplane mode. It is the same result like with ultra durable - 2% battery consumption. Seems that biggest effect have turning of comms and other things are not important (except for known drainers like AOD).

    I think I will check also stats with dynamic and airplane off.

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