Anyone downloaded Android Q beta? please share usage experience

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  • suhitkarsuhitkar Level 2
    Everything is superfine except...
    No pixelmaster camera
    No Volte
    No Exfat support of SD card
  • aamod.v8aamod.v8 Level 3
    Nice to hear from you mate. No pixelmaster is somewhat bummer for me. What about system wide dark mode? and dark shade on notification panel?
  • Please keep in mind the Android Q Beta is based on Google's stock Q beta 3 build - and not necessarily representative of any final version of ZenUI on Q. 

  • aamod.v8aamod.v8 Level 3
    Hello @suhitkar can you please post some Screen shots of Q beta? it will be great if you can
  • aamod.v8aamod.v8 Level 3
    @CH_ASUS will zenfone 5z get updated to Android Q and zenui 6
  • suhitkarsuhitkar Level 2
    @CH_ASUS Yeah we understand..But does it mean in anyway that we will receive it earlier than expected time due to this beta programme.
  • Zb555kl Android Q ?????
  • aamod.v8aamod.v8 Level 3
    @suhitkar all SS shows that Q is beautiful. In the first SS the notification panal has dark shade it seems. that is so awesome. also i like the overall Q styled icon scheme. thanks a ton
  • @CH_ASUS
    After beta is finished can we expect to get release Android Q image? Since everything is in place now, why not? I would love stock Android.
  • Hi @Krzysztof
    Many fans really love stock Android - we have our Max Pro series which are purely AOSP - however yes, their specs are not the same as 5Z. 

    We would release Android Q on 5Z in ZenUI form as ZenFone 5Z also shipped on ZenUI, many users do get accustomed to it and we have a lot of positive feedback still! 
    However, we are constantly looking at ways to make it better, more clean, familiar. Hopefully you will like Android Q ZenUI on 5Z when we release it.

  • Hi CH_ASUS,

    That means Asus developers are focused on building Android Q with ZenUI for 5Z and Zenfone 6 devices. And, left the developing the updates and to give a proper stable pie update for Zenfone Max series. If you people have any courtesy, please check the bugs and missing features in Android pie for Zenfone max users reported in Zentalk and provide the stable pie with missing features.

    If you provide the Pure Pie, we as users will be very happy and your reputation will also increase with our positive support which is in negative now.

  • Hi @Yachendra

    Our devs are working on improving the Pie update released for India Max Pro series.



  • G.thakurG.thakur Level 1

    Yeah I really like that messed up pure stable AOSP Android pie ( which in reality is worsen than Google's beta pie) in my Asus Max pro m1. I'm actually surprised that how confidently you are saying pure AOSP rom.

    It's basically Android 9 go beta edition. Actually worse than that it contains less features than Google's Android go edition.

    So next time don't use pure aosp word it makes me real angry. Instead use torn down aosp beta name.

  • Android Pie para meu zenfone 4 ze554kl será só em junho mesmo

  • And to think that the ZE554KL doesn't even have Pie yet.....

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