Zenbook 14 UX433. The fan noise is loud and annoying. How can I fix it?

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  • Hi there,

    Can you describe more?

    Like the fan is always running in high speed or only when or after heavy load?

    and the noise is only fan spinning or any other abnormal sound?

    Thank you.

  • It's almost always running just for normal office usage (Office 365, Gmail, Chrome,etc). Sounds like only fan spinning. My PC is out of warranty just 3 months ago . I tried to contact your service and it told me that it costs 110e just for sending it to your service, not to mention the time I will have to wait and the repair costs itself. I really doubt if it's worth the time, energy and money to repair it.

    What would you advise me to do? Just dump it to trash after only 2.5 years for a notebook of 1000 euros? I really regret that I purchased Zenbook, to be honest.

  • Hi there,

    Does this happen like out of a sudden? or has been like this for a while?

    And do you feel anything like overheat or lagging then the fan is spinning fast?

    Thank you.

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