Face registered but unlock is not working

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Hi there I have face unlock issue on rog 5 12gb varient.. it registered face but unlock does not work.. please advise



  • Hi,

    Make sure you are on the latest software version which is .176 if not, you can check by

    Go to setting => System => About => Software information.

    Try deleting and recapturing your face, try with someone else's face and see if it registers and works normally

    Factory reset your phone once and see if this bug is fixed.

  • Hi there thanks for responding.. however still have issues and is not fixed..

  • Hello, it had never worked for me but I didn't really need it, I just went through the settings and the doc.

    It is not documented but I found it without difficulty

    In Display, Stanby Screen, you must activate "Lift to check phone" otherwise the screen remains black.

    With this parameter, if facial recognition is enabled it works very well, if it is disabled, the fingerprint sensor is active

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